Why Bright Bars from Standard Screws?

At Standard Screws, we place a lot of importance on quality assurance.

As integral part of the manufacturing process, on reciept of raw materials, are checked for surface defects, chemical composition and mechanical properties.


We ensure that are bars are made from tested steel. We try to match the mechanical properties and chemical properties. to the customer's required specifications. Finally we make sure that our bright bars are free of surface defects, with accurate dimensions as provided by the customer. 


The final manufactured product is thorougly checked again for:

  • size tolerance
  • straightness
  • length of bars
  • hardness and surface defects
  • lobing and out of roundness
  • spark testing
  • colour coding for identification
  • 100% Visual inspection
  • crack detection via MPI testing
  • chemical analysis
  • hardness testing

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